Most academics have never been formally trained to write. Consequently, writing becomes more an exercise in drawing together and jotting down ideas rather than being an effective tool in arguing and communicating the ideas.

The Academics' Little Helper: A Writing Workshop introduces academics to a new way of thinking about academic writing: re-examining the specific needs of academic writing as a long, written argument, and recalling the presence and importance of the Reader.

The workshop places a great emphasis on structure and information design as the most crucial elements of good academic writing.

Workshop Structure

Participants bring their own writing to the workshop. The editor conducting the workshop introduces elements of writing that are instrumental in structuring a text.

Participants then apply these elements to their own texts, sharing any changes they make to their texts with the class. Participants are also given the option of getting in touch with the editor running the workshop for further help or training.

The workshop is best suited for groups of five or six, and is aimed at PhD students as well as academics.

If you think this workshop could benefit you, your students or your peers, do get in touch with Tanvi for more information.


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