Pre-Editing Process


The first stage of editing is assessing: assessing the quality of the writing and understanding the document’s audience determines the turnaround time and fee.

Broad assessment

To begin with, we slot the document into one of three broad categories:

  1. Structural overhaul
  2. Copyediting
  3. Proofreading

Close assessment

Once we determine what kind of editing service the document needs, we assess the writing more closely for specific problem areas.

Quote and turnaround time

The third step is determining the fee and the turnaround time based on the assessment.


Once the client approves the quote and turnaround time, and also sends the style guide and final document, the actual process of editing begins.


This window functions as an online version of footnotes.

The text in the left window has been written concisely, keeping in mind reading conventions on the net. All relevant but ancillary information has therefore been turned into a footnote.

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